Critically Endangered Black Rhino

Print Size :  380mm x 350mm

Bronze Cast : 280mm x 250mm x 3mm


Product Description

Art is an important medium in preserving history, facts and memories.  With the magnificent Black Rhino I have intentionally used a smaller scale than usual for larger animals, as affirmation of their dwindling numbers and the imminent threat of extinction.  The mother is placed in front of the calf in a futile defensive position to emphasize the danger they are subject to.  The pair is portrayed under an Acacia tree, its thorny branches being an important food source for Rhinos and symbolical of nature’s methods of defence.  Sadly, as the thorns fail to protect the tree against the Black Rhino’s browsing there is also little protection for these magnificent creatures against poaching for presumed aphrodisiac propensities.

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Fine Art Print, Bronze Cast, Original


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