King Penguin

Print Size :  440mm x 280mm

Bronze Cast : 340mm x 180mm x 3mm


Product Description

Elegant, capricious and enduring are words that come to mind when talking about the King Penguin.  This majestic bird, so aptly named, is serially monogamous whereas our African Penguins mate for life.  Males and females share the incubation and raising of chicks, harbouring them on top of their feet.   In its natural habitat in the icy sub-Antarctic regions, this majestic specie thrives in virtually unspoilt conditions.  In stark contrast, a colony of African Penguins settled on Boulder Beach in the Cape Peninsula.  They have adapted to city life but still retain their dignity and posture, proudly showing us, even in a structured and disciplined colony there is room for the one facing another perspective for a moment.

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Fine Art Print, Bronze Cast, Original


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