Young Lion

Print Size :  490mm x 510mm

Bronze Cast : 390mm x 410mm x 3mm


Product Description

Commonly known as the “King of the Jungle”, lions have been a source of inspiration to many artists.  With this piece I portray both the power and the languor of a majestic cat, offset against the acacia, such an integral part of the South African Bushveld.  Its seemingly soft and almost appealing face easily beguiles the beholder into a false sense of security.  The eyes, however, flash a message of warning that he is fully aware of his surrounds and totally on alert.  The lion which was once the widest spread land mammal apart from humans is now classified as an endangered species, encroaching civilisation has placed this mighty animal’s future in jeopardy.  Man’s fascination with lions throughout history is documented in art and heraldry.


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Fine Art Print, Bronze Cast, Original


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